Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Nothing in particular...

So today we spent about 3 hours(including travel time) at a Genetics appointment for Miss Ava. She honestly hasn't been since an infant, for multiple reasons, mainly because insurance failed to see a reason for it. Ha. Ha. So anyhow, the appointment went very well. It was held at the M.I.N.D. institute, and the two ladies we saw today were fantastic! So kind and informative and really interacted with Ava quite well. Ava even liked one of them. ;) They said there wasn't much more they could offer Ava, we don't have any behavioral issues as of yet, although there are definitely moments, days, where I seriously question that ;), we already have speech and preschool going, as well as some OT through preschool. They do have a support group for 22q, and they gave me all sorts of information on other services, studies, etc that they do. They are also going to pass our info along to Dr. Tony Simon, and try to get Ava into his next study, so we are super excited for that. More on that as it comes along...

Today Ava also had class spring photos, and she picked out her new favorite dress(yes it changes daily) to wear with her sparkly sandals her Grammy picked up for her. Ava was running around the house practicing her pose ALL morning, it was the cutest thing ever. Then as soon as we picked her up from class she saw us and instantly busted out her photo pose, hilarious! We got home and took a little stroll around the block before lunch since the weather lately is amazing! I am still trying to learn this lens on my camera so I took it along. Well, anytime Ava saw me go for the camera she would stop what she was doing and start posing, how do you NOT laugh, and capture that!?

And in other, all thought and time-consuming news, I am in full swing of the planning of Miss Ava's party. If you have any crafty or baking skills, CALL ME PRONTO! I am so not above a family or friend discount/handout. ;) For family and friends, I will have invites in the mail the beginning of May. But her party falls on her birthday this year, so NO excuses!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

Wow! Easter turned out to be quite an eventful day, and almost nothing happened as planned. For starters, it was windy, cold and wet outside all day. Boo! Usually we are mildly complaining of the heat, so it's typical that as soon as we don't have said heat we are complaining of the cold! ;P

We had plans to spend Easter with my family and Greg's family, and our friend's the Weaver's were going to come over for an egg hunt and dinner with their two kiddos. Easter morning we ate breakfast together, the kids found their baskets and tore into those, the Grandparents show up and almost instantly Greg starts complaining of a headache and he is shivering, despite being dressed in layers, a robe and a blanket off the couch. Poor guy! I take his temp and it is normal. He ends up falling asleep on the couch and about 20minutes later wakes up with a beat red face. I check his temp again and it is up to 101.6. Poor kiddo had just gotten over a random ear infection over a week ago, so once he starts saying he is dizzy we think it possibly came back. Since we have friends with small kiddos coming over we decide to get him checked out asap at the med center so we know what is going on. There they rule out an ear infection, and strep. The doctor made an "educated guess" that he has a throat infection, prescribes more antibiotics and sends him on his way. The poor kid slept the rest of the day and didn't even want to eat any yummy Easter goodies! :(

Our friends decided to stay home and not risk catching anything, don't blame them one bit. The rain really started up and we didn't get to do an egg hunt outside! :( Ava had a good time though with her family and we are planning on doing a delayed hunt later this week for the kiddos, which will be super fun now that the rain has subsided and the ground is dry!

Here are a few photos, I even got one of G before he started feeling terrible...