Thursday, December 31, 2009

So Much I Am Thankful For

Thanksgiving was fantastic. Husband was home(a rarity on any given holiday), MY BROTHER CAME HOME for a two day visit from his TEMPORARY home in Montana, Ava ATE her first Thanksgiving meal(as well as MANY many snacks), I made a very fantastic and delicious turkey, as well as some yummy sides, Gbo and LilG played football outside while Ava and I collected and studied many various leaves, great day indeed! :) Hope all my friends and family had an equally wonderful Thanksgiving and remembered to be thankful for what you have!

Don't have all that many photos, too busy enjoying the fam to really whip out the camera, but here are a few of the many daily blessings I am thankful for, otherwise known as my kiddos/mini monsters...

Fit for a Princess...

So thanks to the amazing group we are a part of, Hearts of Hope, we were offered free tickets to attend the Disney Princess on Ice show a few months ago. Ava was sooo excited! Even more so because our favorite Heart Mommy/Daughter duo, Michelle and Maddie, were also going! Hooray! We carpooled it out to Arco, bought the girlies some ridiculously priced, but absolutely necessary, princess memorabilia(specifically a light up tiara(that broke a couple of weeks later) and a cinderella wand(that didn't even make it home). We then took our seats, took a few photos of the super cute heart bff's, and enjoyed the show. Or, enjoyed watching the girls enjoy watching the show. I am sure Michelle can feel me on this one. ;) Ava was in Disney Princess HEAVEN! So glad we were able to go, especially with such great friends. Thanks Valerie, and thanks Michelle and Maddie! <3

A few photos, as always....

Halloweenie goodness

Halloween with the kids was great this year! G says that he is too old for the traditional store bought costumes and instead opted to just wear his baseball uniform, okay by me! His dad and I certainly didn't mind saving about $80 on a costume for him. Though it's just another sign of how fast he is growing up, which makes me :(

I showed Ava some costumes online and let her pick out her most favorite. Which was of course a Purple Fairy Princess getup. One that was VERY similar to a costume she wore a couple of years ago, probably because it was purchased at the same children's store, gymboree. Anyway, she made a super duper cute flower fairy princess and enjoyed the dressup aspect of Halloween very much, no surprise there. The walking from door to door and asking complete strangers for candy...not so much! She was okay with it for probably 6 or so houses, then she was DONE. Which is exactly how Gregory always was and still is. Kind of crazy, because husband and I can remember BEGGING our parents to take us to "just one more house/street/block/etc" we could have trick or treated into the wee hours of the night. Idk, I guess I should be thankful they aren't so grubby over candy, but they are sorta fuddy duddyish about it. ;)

So here are a few photos of the night, as well as a couple from the Kelly Karnival Gregory's school holds each year, we didn't make it to Ava's carnival this year...

Time to play catch up

Hi all,

It has been SO super long since I have updated Little Miss' blog. Sorry. :( So much has happened in the last few months with many changes, nothing major really. Just enough to keep me utterly scatterbrained. More so than usual. ;)

So I will try to pump out a Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas blog today. Look for them later!

Heart Hugs Always,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Time!

Well, we finally made it out to the pumpkin patch this year! No, it wasn't our usual Bishop's Pumpkin Farm trip, and it was a VERY short visit, no thanks to the wind and Ava as well as myself still getting over the flu bug, but the kids had fun non the less and we came home with some great pumpkins. :)

We visited a lil place off Old Auburn Blvd called The Pumpkin Farm(though it truthfully doesn't look like they even grow anything other than CORN there...) on a recommendation from a friend. Plus, it was a LOT closer than Bishop's, which is out in Wheatland, almost an hour away.

Anyhow, The Pumpkin Farm is cute, it has the hay rides and the train and all that other stuff, though we didn't partake in much other than the petting zoo(ick, yes I have a serious aversion to petting farms, always have) and pumpkin picking. The kiddos had a blast picking out pumpkins and petting those darn animals. The wind was seriously kicking that day, though. We soon found out that lil miss has the same disdain for the wind that she has always had...bummer. Not as bad as it used to be, though. Ava used to do this odd thing where she would gasp and kinda laugh but also kinda...not breathe in a gust of wind. Yeah...odd. She doesn't do that anymore, this was an infant thing, but she still really isn't a fan of wind. Who can blame her though!

A few photos from our trip...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The "F" Word.

So last week Ava finally caught it, the FLU! As much as we were dreading this and doing the best we could to prevent it, we still knew it was coming. Not ONLY because Ava is now enrolled in Preschool and exposed to that many more dirty, germy little hands, but because this is the first year of her life that she is NOT receiving the synagis(RSV) shot every month through the flu season. I was terrified, because very often, as many of us heart mommies know, FLU, or even just a common cold can result in a not so fab ER trip/hospitalization. BUT, I can't keep this girl in a bubble, as much as that thought sometimes appeals to me, so you just have to be ready, for anything.

So, Ava was complaining of tummy aches and had some serious mudbutt going on(TMI, I know, I know. But many of us ARE parents, and is there even such thing as TMI once you are a parent?!) for a few days before she spiked a 104 temp. Before the fever broke Ava was running around like the usual, lovable little maniac she is. Once that fever spiked though, she was sleeping all day, had no appetite and had a little accompanying cough. It took everything out of her. Her eyes got droopy, though she never once complained, and after her very loooong naps, she would often wake up and instantly start doing her usual dance and singing into a microphone(either her wand, hand or blanket), though that wouldn't last longer than 5 minutes and was followed by another nap. Always in good spirits though, that's my lil diva girl! :) I didn't get too terribly worried though(HAH, right...) until I noticed her breathing started getting just a little bit faster. We put her cardiologist on alert, and dusted off the good old oximeter machine, stats were "good" not great, but not bad either, thank goodness.

Husband and I went back and forth and back and forth weighing the pros and cons of keeping her home and monitoring VERY closely vs taking her into the ER and risking her catching something possibly worse. In the end we decided that as long as she wasn't at ALL showing any signs of distress, we needed to keep her home and as comfortable as possible. After 3 heart catheterizations just this year, Ava has serious anxiety any time we even pull up to the UCD parking lot, and who can blame her. She is terrified now anytime we go to any Dr, where before she had no qualms and trusted them all, she wakes up at night and needs reassurance that we are right there and she is safe, none of this was a problem before the multiple hospital visits this year. It's pretty heartbreaking and definitely will play a part in my decision making about whether to expose her to any unnecessary hospital and even Dr visits from now on.

Anyhow, Ava's fever broke a few nights ago, the following day her temp was running just a little low, the lowest it got was about 96.5, but it shot back up by night's end and has been in the normal, non-temp range since then. Ava is still super lethargic, sort of pale, a bit weak, and doesn't have her full appetite back just yet, though. :( I am just hoping this is the last I have to hear of the flu for the rest of the season! We are done with you, flu. Be gone.

Friday, October 16, 2009

How a Diva Finger Paints...a photo post...

There are no real updates/news in the world of Ava, so enjoy the photos. :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorta-Sick Ava

So last week Ava seemed a little under the weather. It started off with the usual symptoms, a runny nose, intermittent cough, etc. Then she started complaining of a tummy ache, which had us a little concerned, especially when she got sick to her stomach and was running a low grade temp. But it didn't turn into anything serious, at all, and by the next morning, the temperature was gone and Miss Diva was up to her usual perky, mischievous, rambunctious self. Hooray! :)

I do have to admit, though, that we ALL really did enjoy a day of Ava a little more chill than usual. She wasn't running at her usual insane energy level, but still had plenty to play. Ava spent the day in her princess dress up, coloring, playing with building blocks, watching movies, and spreading fairy dust with her magical wand. A few photos of a VERY tame Ava. It was worth capturing, who KNOWS when it will happen again. ;)

And the best part(aside from her kickass immune system fighting off her sickies before it turned into anything too terrible), she partook in NAP TIME! :D

Friday, September 25, 2009

Soccer Sweetie!

We signed Miss Ava up for a Mommy/Daddy and me soccer group, which just started last week. We meet weekly at Carmichael Park for half an hour in the am and the kids do some super CUTE, super basic soccer drills to kind of introduce them to the game of soccer and peak that interest. I am really excited for Ava to be in this, especially because we were able to join with her dear sweet heart twin Maddie. Maddie and Ava are only a few months apart in age, both have amazing and beautiful mended hearts, as well as DiGeorge Syndrome. Maddie's mama and I met a while ago and got to talking about our little divas and were in absolute SHOCK over how much the two shared in common. I am so thankful that our families met and our daughters will have each other to lean on and support as they grow, as well as their mommies having someone who literally knows EXACTLY what the other is going through. Huge blessing!

The Divas...

So soccer seems to be going well. Finding shin guards and cleats(gave up on those) posed to be quite a challenge, they just don't make much sports gear to fit these lil kiddos! Ava is L-O-V-I-N-G every single minute of it and finally has a female friend that she doesn't shoot dirty looks at in the few and rare moments she's not altogether ignoring them. Heh. And seriously, there is probably nothing cuter on this entire PLANET than seeing two little girls who have been through more than many of us ADULTS out playing together amongst their peers and not only keeping up, but kind of kicking some butt, too. :)

A few photos...