Monday, May 30, 2011

My Miracle

Today is Ava's 5 year heartaversary. Meaning, five years ago today, an amazing surgeon "fixed" Ava's itty bitty, tiny sick little heart. He gave her a chance at life that otherwise wouldn't of been possible. Five years plus one week ago, we were told our daughter wouldn't survive past a few days without this surgery.Five years plus one week ago, we were told that even with this surgery, a happy ending was not promised. Ava was born with several severe congenital heart defects, the combination of these specific defects, we were told, was quite rare and very complicated. Five years ago today, I only prayed that I would be celebrating this day.

Ava has overcome so much. Two open heart surgeries, such bumpy and scary recoveries, multiple other surgeries and procedures, a stroke in the OR during her first repair, illness, failure to thrive, paralyzed vocal chords, feeding tubes, collapsing lungs, etc. She still faces more open heart surgery, more cardiac catheterizations, more unforeseen "bumps" no doubt, but she is here, she is happy, she is thriving, she is so full of life and love that it takes my breath away and makes it impossible to focus on the bad. We will never know what tomorrow holds. But we have today, and today is a miracle worth celebrating.