Thursday, January 13, 2011

1/11/11 was a seriously overrated day.

Because it was the day we received the results of Miss Ava's echo from the week prior. Ava's doctor let us know that what he saw was very concerning. There was "a lot" of regurgitation happening, and it was time to replace Ava's conduit. The risk of not treating this soon enough is an enlarged heart. We do not have a specific date yet, the doctors and surgeons from UC Davis Medical Center, UCSF Children's, and LPCH are going to conference on Ava's case first and come to an agreement on when would be best to proceed with the surgery. Open heart surgery. Ava's third one. The CHD world is so cruel and unfair. My daughter's biggest worry should be if she's going to dress as Cinderella or Snow White today after school, and what theme does she want for her upcoming 5th birthday party. We have not yet told Ava what is going on, she was there at the appointment of course, but she was too engrossed in her coloring book and stickers to pay much attention to the boring people discussing her precious little heart. I don't see any point in telling Ava now, not until we have a date set for surgery and even then probably not until a week or two prior. But we will gently let her know what is going to happen, and why. She already knows about her heart and thanks the doctors who "Fixed Aya's heart" all the time. I just want to make sure she has time to get comfortable with the idea, plus she will want to know why we are keeping her home from school.

I am sort of rambling on right now, my mind is still a jumbled mess. Plus, I haven't updated this blog in forever! But I wanted everyone to know what was going on. I also included a few photos, taken yesterday. :)
As soon as we have a date, I will update again, maybe even with some coherent thoughts! ;)