Monday, August 24, 2009

Ava's First Day of Preschool

Today I set my alarm for about 6:20, woke up, made some yummy chocolate french toast(recipe: ), ironed G's clothes, made sure his lunch was ready to go, etc. Hubby bathed Ava, then I got her dressed for what we thought was just preschool orientation. We were all out the door and actually on time. Got to Greg's school, hubby dropped the kids and I off while he found parking(the neighborhood surrounding the school turns into a ZOO the first couple of days of school and at any school event!) Watched lil man try to ditch his sister and I to go hang out with his friends, I let him(he's a 4th grader, I SUPPOSE I should go ahead and cut that cord now. ;P) Saw and talked shortly with Greg's teacher(same teacher he had last year, she now teaches 4th grade again), got assigned some MORE books to code(new system in the school library and I helped out last year, and I guess I am helping more this year...), I took a paparazzi-style photo of G in front of his classroom talking with his friends, it's the ONLY way to get a picture of him in front of friends these days, good thing I have awesome camera ninja skills. :P We also stopped in to the Kindergarten room, which houses the GREATEST Kindergarten teacher of all time, seriously, this lady was just BORN to teach, especially Kindergarten and I cannot WAIT until my second child is in her class. But, it was a bit chaotic in the Kinder class, to say the least, so we ducked out before being able to say hello. If you're reading this Mrs. Blaine, HI! We will try to stop by Wednesday to see you again. :)

We make our way over to Ava's school, which is about a mile away, if that. Walk to her classroom, and what do I see...parent's leaving without their kids, and once we get into the class, I am seeing lots of little backpacks on their assigned hooks...oh no...I see Ava's teacher, rush over and ask, "Isn't this just the orientation?" She informs me that it is a small meet and greet for the parents before class starts and we are more than welcome to stay as long as we wish today...DARN IT! :( Ava didn't have her super cute first day of preschool outfit on or ANYTHING! Bummer. Plus, I so was not mentally prepared to leave her somewhere today. I hadn't snapped any photos of her walking up to her first day of class, we didn't have her backpack or little Ava lunch, nothing! So on top of just being that silly sad mommy watching her kid play quite well by themselves, I was sad because I like to "plan" and "document" these days, start new traditions, etc.

But anyhow, Ava started playing very well by herself so husband and I thought it was a good time to go pick up that backpack and lunch, I told her we were leaving and that we would be right back with her backpack, she yelled, "Bye BYE!" and gave me hugs and kisses. The picture of "I'm SO ready for preschool, Mom" perfection.

Fast forward about 15 mins when we get back to the school, we park directly across the street from her class and as soon as I open my door, I hear kids screaming. Of course I instantly shuffle through the cries to see if one of them sounds like Ava, they do not, I calm down. We make it into the room and one of the teachers rushes over to me and lets us know that Ava JUST stopped crying...darn it! She is sitting in circle time and has her back towards us, luckily. But she turns to look at someone and I see her lil red face and dried tears, poor Ava!! So we decide it's probably best to sneak back out before she sees us in case our departure is what started the tears, now that she's fine and singing along with her class...

Once we picked up Ava, she met us at the door with her teacher and was all smiles, happy girl. She had lots of fun, and is looking forward to going back on Wednesday.

So today was definitely crazy, and didn't go as planned at all. But it was also a great day. After we picked up Ava from school, we headed over to Andrea from Hearts of Hope and picked up some more items for the Care Packages I am working on. We have the first delivery since Michelle and I took over planned for tomorrow at Sutter Memorial. I still do not have everything for the packages, but they are coming along nicely, and I am thrilled. :)

Today, I am officially the mommy to two school-aged children. Time sure does fly... :)


Andrea said...

Oh, no wonder you were worried about her today, you were caught by surprise! Glad things turned out ok. She looks precious!

AUNTIE TIFF! said...