Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School, 2011

This year Miss Ava starts Kindergarten and her brother G started JUNIOR HIGH. I cannot believe how fast they are growing up! In previous years, I have gotten up extremely early, gotten the kids up way earlier than they needed to, all in order to get those "perfect" first day of school shots. This year, I decided I would get them AFTER school. Less hectic first day of school mornings are SO the way to go. Now I still got up ridiculously early, got myself ready and made a traditional huge breakfast for my lovies. I still followed Ava to class and got a few classic first day classroom photos, but she thinks it's super cool to be followed by momarazzi, her brother sadly no longer share that belief. Then later that evening I took the kiddos up to the neighborhood park and got some obligatory shots. My son is so over photos that it is nearly impossible to get many of him, but he allowed for a couple, bless his generous soul. I started the tradition with Ava last year of writing her school grade/year on a mini chalkboard as a cute way to document each new school year, so wish I would have thought of this when Greg was younger and more willing. :) Anyhow, both kids had wonderful first day experiences at their new schools, and I am full of hope for a happy and successful year full of new experiences and knowledge. I remember when Ava was so small and sick, and truly wondering if we would ever be fortunate enough to experience these milestones with her. Now here she is thriving and happy as can be! If there is one thing I am most thankful for after going through such an experience as Ava's first few months of life were, it has honestly opened my eyes to all the little blessings many of us(me included) take for granted. I now know JUST how lucky I am and I cherish every last moment, because they are moments I had only hoped for and dreamed of a few short years ago. :)

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Carey said...

Glad to see you're utilizing the chalkboard for pics! ;) I love the pics I have of Kyler with his chalkboard.