Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hoppy Easter! -a few days late. ;)

Hi all! Hope everyone had a most enjoyable Easter with their loved ones, we sure did! Super big THANK YOU'S to my Mom and Dad for hosting the annual Egg Hunt/Food Feast Easter Eggstravaganza! The kiddos had a great time and it's always nice seeing family and watching the lil kiddos(cousins) play together. :) Tons of food, tons of kids, tons of eggs, tons of fun! We are so super blessed to have such a great family!

This Easter was the first one where Ava has really showed any interest whatsoever in the whole egg hunt process. And she LOVED it! It's always fun to live holidays though your child's eyes, recapture that magic and remember what makes these holidays so special, family. The day even ended with my super talented cousin Tracie giving each kiddo a mini photoshoot! As soon as I receive those pictures they will be posted. :)

Here are a few pictures from the day, enjoy.

-Just a little sidenote: We will probably be having Ava's party the 6th of June, now. Because of everything else going on, and seeing how May 30th is during Memorial Day Weekend... ;) Keep it open!! Love you all.

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Valerie said...

ooh, I want to come!