Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cath, cath-cath-cath...(said to the tune of DUN, dun-dun-dun...)

These photos have nothing really to do with this update, I just thought they were cute and my mom likes seeing new photos. :P

So this thorn in my side Catheterization/stenting is going to (hopefully)happen this coming Monday, June 1st. The timing of it is terrible, for a list of reasons I don't really feel like going into. We have spent the entire first half of this year preparing for this single Cath. I am not really sure how much more MY heart can take. I just want it to happen, for her left pulmonary artery to be stented and to with any hope and prayer be done with the hospital worry game for a while. Please? I know my daughter LOOOOOVES to keep everyone on their toes and make the simplest of chore difficult, but enough is enough, Mama is begging of her baby girl.

As far as other updates, I am not very happy with how preschool enrollment is going. I don't feel very confident sending my daughter to the school she is scheduled to attend this fall or the plan they have for her, but I am still working on everything and trying to keep optimistic. They don't even want me sitting in, ever. :( Perhaps I should light some of that good forture insense my brother has for myself, eh?

That's pretty much all I have for updates right now. Just keep little Miss Diva Ava in your thoughts and prayers for a super successful Cath. Birthday Party, June 6th, hope to see you there family and friends!! :)

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ml.harris53 said...

I have learned soo much from my daughter & grand daughter - perseverance and determination are just a couple of them! Love Grammy