Saturday, May 9, 2009

A New Update, Hooray!

Sorry I have been sort of lagging in the updates department.
Ava is doing great! The cath, as many of you already know by now, did not happen last Monday, as UCD was a little hectic in the PICU(her cardiologist likes to have a bed open for her, as a JUST in case). He really basically refused to do it without a bed guarantee, I don't blame him. And since this cath is not an "emergency" situation, he was comfortable in putting it off. So the new date is set for June 1st. Why do all of her surgeries and procedures happen at almost the exact same time of the year?? I will take it as a good sign though, I suppose. :) Little Miss Ava just needs to behave herself and allow this to end with just a stent.

So in other news. Speech therapy is going well. Very well. Ava has made tremendous progress and continues to amaze her therapists. Her PT and OT stopped coming out, which I guess means she graduated? That's how I am going to take it, at least. :)

This Tuesday we have a meeting with the School District in regards to getting everything in order for Ava's entry into PRESCHOOL!!! Yes, I am beyond excited. No not because I am going to get a few hours of peace, because let's face it, I will undoubtedly be spending most of those hours in class with her just as I tried to as much as I could while Gregory was in the younger grades. But rather because this is a BIG step for my little girl. And something she should be very proud of herself for. We have been working on numbers and alphabet, she basically recognizes the entire alphabet and numbers up to 10. Have I mentioned how proud I am of my little silent heart diva genius?! So that is exciting and I will update all on how that meeting goes sometime next week.

Birthday planning is in full blown crazy mode right now. I have the invites ready to go, just have to address them all and get them out. So expect those soon!! My cousin Tracie is a photographer and will be taking some shots of Miss Diva on the 16th to capture her third birthday, as well as her mended <3 anniversary. Hooray for cute pictures and brave, inspiring little three year old MONSTERS! ;)

Still not fully pottytrained, but making (slow, super slow) progress. We're getting there!!

That's about it I do believe. So now I will leave you with a few recent pics of Little Miss Ava Pants.

-Popping bubbles

-Ava being a monkey on the monkey bar at the park!

-Ava with her new friend, Tyler at Brother's ball game.

Have a Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful mommies I know, especially my OWN mom! I love you mama!!


Anonymous said...

I love your mama, too! I'm so glad to see that Ava is truly thriving. Love to you all. Terri B.

Carlla said...

Cute pics...Ava is lookin good! I will keep her in my prayers for her cath!