Saturday, June 27, 2009

Let's try this again...

So the NEW date for the NEXT cath on little miss is set for Monday, July 20th(planned for the week after summer preschool lets out). I say a quick recap is in order, shall we? Okay, this will be the third cath this year, 5th total. The first cath the doctor ran into a new issue when he discovered that not only was Ava's left pulmonary artery narrowed, but so were both of her right PA's. After discussing with the Surgeon, they together decided it would be best to "halt" the current cath/ballooning until a best plan of action could be decided upon with this new found information/situation. The doctors met, decided to go ahead and only balloon/stent the left side. Cath date was set, we ran late, the stent became dislodged, dr successfully retrieved it in the Cath Lab and placed it on the right side. Ava was observed for 24hrs then sent home. :)Doctors met yet again and ruled out placing a new stent on the left side via OHS, because of WHERE the narrowing is located, too risky for a "simple" stent placement. So another Cath Lab time was set, about three weeks from now. Ava's cardiologist is using a different size/shape of stent, and is very confident a third time will equal SUCCESS, and keep us out of the hospital for at LEAST the rest of the year(sans unexpected bad stuff we don't entertain thoughts of)! Too early to say wahoo? Nahhh, WAHOOOO! Yes, I also knocked on wood, come on now, this is Ava we are talking about here! ;)

I can't wait to have this over and done, though it terrifies me so to face another Cath, especially since Ava seems to be in a "Surprise and terrify the holy crap out of my parents" kick, it is needed. And just short of a Heart Cath worst case scenario(*knock, knock*), another cath beats out a third Open Heart Surgery. Blows it out of the water.

So, as always, I ask all my loverly family and friends, to send the happy&healthy thoughts, vibes, prayers and chants(Hi Luci! :) Ava's way!

Love love love,
Ava's Mommy


ShannonLeideker said...

WAAHOOO! You go ahead momma! Anything beats OHS! Ava is so adorable by the way!

Anonymous said...

Cath is definitely better than surgery! Hope it does the trick. I will thinking positive thoughts your way that day!!! I actually may be dropping off Thank you baskets on the 20th, so I will possibly see you. Good luck to you guys! I am hoping "my angel Faith" is looking after all the rest of her heart friends. I will be sure to be telling her to! Take care, Shelly Duarte