Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Fun!

So though my dearest hubby had to work the first 4th of July that I ever can recall, we all still got in some family time before he had to depart(graveyard late shift). He was definitely missed, though. :(

We spent the late afternoon/rest of the day at my parent's house, as we do almost every year, it's become a tradition. Family, BBQ, swimming, lots of fun. This year was the most low key it's ever been(just myself, my kiddos, my parents, and my brother) but it was actually really nice. We could all hear each other, had a place to sit, and didn't run out of mojitos. ;)

We used to be able to view the fireworks show Carmichael/Fair Oaks put on from my parent's front lawn when they held the show at Del Campo Park, and the walk was a super short distance if you felt the need to be "in the middle of it all." But a few years ago they moved the Fireworks Show to La Sierra, which is still right down the street, but basically impossible to see from the house. So my dad in previous years has taken it upon himself to provide the entire block a great show with enough fireworks to last a few hours. No joke. This year he had help, though. Thanks to a lovely person I have met through Ava's journey, a fellow Heart Mommy and amazing advocate, as well as half of the fabulous team that fronts the support group, Hearts Of Hope, and her equally generous friends, our family as well as a fellow heart family, were given a tour of the TNT warehouse and gifted two boxes of fireworks as well as tee shirts, hats, pins, etc! There are truly some amazing and inspiring people out there and I could never give proper thanks for the thoughtfulness and generosity they are spreading to heart families. Thank you Valerie, Thank you to everyone at TNT Fireworks, from the Bolima Family. :)

I hope everyone had a fabulous, fun and safe Fourth!

On a side note, a very VERY sleepy and sometimes sensory sensitive mini diva was not having those loud booms last night, as a result she and I spent most of the time indoors or covered under a blanket. I did manage to sneak a few cute photos, though. I am also including a couple from our trip out to the TNT warehouse...

Love always,
Ava's Mommy

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