Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorta-Sick Ava

So last week Ava seemed a little under the weather. It started off with the usual symptoms, a runny nose, intermittent cough, etc. Then she started complaining of a tummy ache, which had us a little concerned, especially when she got sick to her stomach and was running a low grade temp. But it didn't turn into anything serious, at all, and by the next morning, the temperature was gone and Miss Diva was up to her usual perky, mischievous, rambunctious self. Hooray! :)

I do have to admit, though, that we ALL really did enjoy a day of Ava a little more chill than usual. She wasn't running at her usual insane energy level, but still had plenty to play. Ava spent the day in her princess dress up, coloring, playing with building blocks, watching movies, and spreading fairy dust with her magical wand. A few photos of a VERY tame Ava. It was worth capturing, who KNOWS when it will happen again. ;)

And the best part(aside from her kickass immune system fighting off her sickies before it turned into anything too terrible), she partook in NAP TIME! :D

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AUNTIE TIFF! said...

what a Angel!