Friday, September 25, 2009

Soccer Sweetie!

We signed Miss Ava up for a Mommy/Daddy and me soccer group, which just started last week. We meet weekly at Carmichael Park for half an hour in the am and the kids do some super CUTE, super basic soccer drills to kind of introduce them to the game of soccer and peak that interest. I am really excited for Ava to be in this, especially because we were able to join with her dear sweet heart twin Maddie. Maddie and Ava are only a few months apart in age, both have amazing and beautiful mended hearts, as well as DiGeorge Syndrome. Maddie's mama and I met a while ago and got to talking about our little divas and were in absolute SHOCK over how much the two shared in common. I am so thankful that our families met and our daughters will have each other to lean on and support as they grow, as well as their mommies having someone who literally knows EXACTLY what the other is going through. Huge blessing!

The Divas...

So soccer seems to be going well. Finding shin guards and cleats(gave up on those) posed to be quite a challenge, they just don't make much sports gear to fit these lil kiddos! Ava is L-O-V-I-N-G every single minute of it and finally has a female friend that she doesn't shoot dirty looks at in the few and rare moments she's not altogether ignoring them. Heh. And seriously, there is probably nothing cuter on this entire PLANET than seeing two little girls who have been through more than many of us ADULTS out playing together amongst their peers and not only keeping up, but kind of kicking some butt, too. :)

A few photos...

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Carey said...

Go Ava & Maddie! That is so adorable! :)