Thursday, December 31, 2009

Halloweenie goodness

Halloween with the kids was great this year! G says that he is too old for the traditional store bought costumes and instead opted to just wear his baseball uniform, okay by me! His dad and I certainly didn't mind saving about $80 on a costume for him. Though it's just another sign of how fast he is growing up, which makes me :(

I showed Ava some costumes online and let her pick out her most favorite. Which was of course a Purple Fairy Princess getup. One that was VERY similar to a costume she wore a couple of years ago, probably because it was purchased at the same children's store, gymboree. Anyway, she made a super duper cute flower fairy princess and enjoyed the dressup aspect of Halloween very much, no surprise there. The walking from door to door and asking complete strangers for candy...not so much! She was okay with it for probably 6 or so houses, then she was DONE. Which is exactly how Gregory always was and still is. Kind of crazy, because husband and I can remember BEGGING our parents to take us to "just one more house/street/block/etc" we could have trick or treated into the wee hours of the night. Idk, I guess I should be thankful they aren't so grubby over candy, but they are sorta fuddy duddyish about it. ;)

So here are a few photos of the night, as well as a couple from the Kelly Karnival Gregory's school holds each year, we didn't make it to Ava's carnival this year...

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