Sunday, January 17, 2010


So Miss Ava had her lung perfusion scan last Friday at the hospital. We were set up with a 2:30 appt, 1:30 check in time. Ava was all sorts of smiles and happiness on our way there, even once there she was cool. Alert and guarded, but not nervous like in previous visits last year when she started crying the moment we entered the hospital. Thank goodness. She was also VERY hungry, though, and slept most of the wait.

There was only one moment where mommy lost her cool and got upset with people not doing their jobs. What do I mean? Anesthesiology comes in at about 3:30(keep in mind they were supposed to START at 2:30 and diva girl hadn't had anything to eat since dinner time the night prior), to let us know that the correct medicine for the scan had not been ordered, and someone is on their way no to deliver the proper meds from their midtown location. Okay, midtown isn't far from where we were at, at all, but I think anyone who has experience with this hospital knows better than to actually believe when they give you a time("by 4pm")for when the medicine will be on campus. Case in point, our scan was supposed to start at 2:30! It was an hour later and they were just NOW realizing they didn't have the right medicine?!!! Absolutely ridiculous. They are lucky she was asleep and "comfortable" because had she been awake and miserably hungry, we would of left.

Anyhow, the medicine ACTUALLY arrived on time, in fact it was a little early(I'd like to think my playing mama bear helped expedite things along a bit). So as soon as it was physically at the hospital they brought us back to the recovery area to a bed and got ava some anti-anxiety meds. Not only to help with the sleepy mask time, but for afterwards when she would be waking up to a bunch of mean doctors in her face. I know from past experience, this does not work much on my girlie, but, as long as it helps her fear even slightly, it's good. So then it is time to walk her to the scan room and hold her as they get the sleepy meds mask ready. As soon as Ava saw that mask she covered her mouth and nose with her hands and burrowed her little face into my shoulder. So much for the meds helping the children not remember that day's events. :/

Once she was asleep and secure, we were escorted yet another waiting area. I kept busy texting updates to friends and family and posting updates on facebook. :P Husband kept busy playing video games. :)

After about an hour and a half wait, someone came and let us know Ava was out and doing well, and that they were taking her up to the 2nd floor surgery recovery. WOAH. A place in that building I haven't ever been. I have been to the peds surgery recovery on the first floor, MANY many times. As well as the cath lab recovery, etc. It was pretty darn chaotic up there for so late in the evening! And Ava was out to the WORLD. For some reason, they gave her another dose of profolol right before they brought her back up, which knocked her out COLD. So we just waited, and waited...and waited. Finally little miss came to and we got the flip OUT of there! :)

There is always a strong feeling of accomplishment every time we leave the hospital, even for an outpatient procedure like that day's lung scan. It's a great feeling, though I wish we didn't really ever have to take her in.

So anyways, now we wait. We have a followup with Ava's cardio on Friday, he SHOULD have the results by then. I say should, because it will have been a week later and that is the whole purpose of this visit. I also say should though because I know how things go...So let's hope for some great results from the great placement of her stent and no more intervention for a LONG while. PLEASE please, please! I will update after Friday.

In the waiting room, sleepy and HUNGRY.

In recovery, very sleepy mama.

Day after, having fun at the park with our friends, the Weaver's! <3

Strike a pose, sista!

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