Monday, January 11, 2010

The week ahead...

Here is why I am hoping beyond hope that this week goes by slowly. We have to make a trip to UCD this Thursday for yet ANOTHER lung perfusion scan. Standard check to make sure everything is functioning well after the last heart catheter/stent placement.

Here's why this one is making me nervous. Well, more so than usual. Ava is going to be unconscious for this one. At this age this is, I am told, standard because do YOU know of a 3.5yr old who would be happy to sit perfectly still for at least 20minutes(seems more like an hour PLUS) on a cold bed w/machinery surrounding her? Yeah, me either.

So this Thursday, 1:30pm, we report to a place we know all too well in a building we know even better. It sucks. That whole hospital(parking garage included) gives me serious anxiety. I know it's this mental block I need to get over and on with, easier said than done though when you have seen your daughter go through even a fraction of what little miss had to go through in the first few months of her life before she even came home, and how much of a struggle it was to GET home.

Anyhow, enough of this Negative Nancy shtick. Ava is a strong, brave, resilient little girl. And I am somewhat relieved the she doesn't have to sit there awake for this stupid procedure this time, it breaks my heart seeing her strapped to that stupid bed terrified and the genius people in charge think offering her a lollipop and constantly reminding me that it would be best if she were calm, are helping. Wow, I sort of totally jumped ship from Negative Nancy to Bitter Betty right there. :)

Please keep Ava in your thoughts and prayers, that she has no adverse reaction to the dye or to her sleepy meds, and that her pulmonary arteries are behaving themselves, PLEASE be behaving yourselves, PA's. Thanks all! Will update after Thursday!

Oh, and on a much more positive, not to mention totally cute, note, Ava starts pre-ballet this Wednesday! She's super mega excited. YAY!

Heart Hugs always,

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Stefenie said...

Saying lots of prayers!

Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan