Thursday, June 10, 2010

amazing milestones

What a week it has been! To catch up everyone, Miss Ava successfully completed her first year of Preschool! I am so very proud of her, and so thankful to her fabulous teachers who helped her accomplish and conquer yet another little milestone. We lucked out with these three fantastic ladies! :) Luckily for us, they will also be teaching the extended year summer school program Miss Ava is enrolled in. So glad they are running the program this year, plus Miss Ava having the same friendly faces will definitely help her apprehension she will undoubtedly have after a couple of weeks off.

Another huge huge HUGE milestone Miss Ava reached quite some time ago but was just made official two days ago, the Mic-Key is OUT and her stoma closed all on it's own within 24 hours! Ava has been eating on her own since fall of 2009. Getting her to take her medicine orally was the biggest hurdle, but she does it so well now. She is 100% off that nasty pediasure, eats usually anything we give her, and takes a daily multivitamin and just half a baby aspirin for meds. WOW! From the little failure to thrive baby with paralyzed vocal cords who aspirated and couldn't handle her own secretions that was 100% reliant on similac pm 60/40 and later pediasure for nutrition, to a healthy 4 year old who can't go over 45 minutes without needing a snack, this mama is SO beaming with pride!

I of course took before and after photos of Miss Ava's belly, but I think I am going to keep those to myself for now out of respect for little missy. :)


Stefenie said...

Congrats on all of the milestones!

Carey said...

I've just been catching up on your blog. I'm so happy for Ava (and you) for eating orally and not needing the mic-key. And, I'm so excited about the stoma closing on it's own! How awesome! :)
Carey McCulloch