Monday, May 24, 2010

Four and Fabulous

Yesterday was Miss Ava's official birthday, as well as her party with lots of family and dear friends there ready to celebrate four amazing years with Ava. The day was seriously GORGEOUS, and aside from the nasty wind ruining all my pretty decorations, the party was perfect! Ava was her usual quiet and cautious self, which is always how she gets in large groups of people. She was also super tired as we stayed up quite late the night before attending a Rivercat's game with Brother's little league team(Rivercats lost, btw. But the kiddos loved the fireworks!). But all in all it was a wonderful day, not to mention Miss Ava made out like a bandit! She now has EIGHT pairs of sandals!! That's more shoes than there are days in the week! And if I sound like I have shoe envy, it's because I DO!!! ;) Miss Ava also scored a big girl two wheeler bike, a scooter, a complete Ariel beach ensemble, an entire summer wardrobe, just too much to list.

We missed those who couldn't make it, and appreciate all those who did! If you guys took pictures, please send them to me asap! :)

Happy Birthday my precious daughter. You have accomplished so much, overcome more than many others will have to face in a lifetime, and did it ALL with a smile on your face! Mommy, Daddy and Brother love you so much and are so thankful for that day you blessed us with your presence. You have accomplished so much just in the last year...You are about to finish your first year of preschool, amazing! You are talking so much more, and working very hard in class and in speech therapy! Growing stronger every day! You started using the big girl potty and barely had an accident since! You were very brave this year for the two catheterizations you had. You started eating 100% orally and now ask for a meal/snack every 20minutes! You have made lots of new friends, had your first soccer class, first trip to the ocean, first trip to DISNEYLAND! Four years, wow!

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Stefenie said...

Happy Birthday Ava!!