Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School!

Miss Ava went back to school on Monday, the 23rd. She was sooo excited to see her friends and teachers. This will be Ava's last year of preschool, next year she will be entering Kindergarten. WOW, seriously where does the time go? For those who may not know, Ava attends a speech enrichment preschool. The focus is on speech, which is where missy is (temporarily) delayed. The class is only 2 times a week, 3 hours each time. There are three wonderful teachers in Ava's class, as well as a APE(adapted physical education) teacher and a speech therapist. Ava LOVES going to school, she gets so excited and comes home from class all excited and anxious to share what she did that day. It has helped her in so many ways. I am very satisfied we chose to enroll her early, my prayers are she will be mentally ready for a full day of Kindergarten next year, thanks to this class and having 2 years of preschool and three summer programs under her belt.

I saw a few photos of people who bought those mini chalkboards and would write down their child's entering grade and have the kiddo hold it for a photo on the first day of school each year. It was the cutest back to school photo idea I have ever seen! So I began my last minute search for a mini chalkboard, lucking out at Michael's finding the perfect size for only 3 bucks(thanks to Mom and Paulette for accompanying me)! I gave my son Greg, who is entering 5th grade(why couldn't I of found/thought of this idea sooner!) the option of posing with the board or with an apple, he chose the apple. Heh. Which still made for a great photo! But I LOVE the way Miss Ava's first day of school photo came out. LOVE.

Ok, enough patting myself on the back...On a different note, I still cannot believe I bought my daughter twinkle toes. I remember when I first saw an ad for these shoes I was just shaking my head saying, "NEVER buying my daughter those ugly, gaudy things!!" But Ava LOVES all things sparkly, and I am a sucker for that cute face that lights up and the big sigh and shriek when Ava finds something she loves(which is why Ava is also the proud owner of the ridiculousness that is Lelli Kelly shoes). And I do have to admit, I am starting to warm up to sparkly shoes, at least for her. You won't catch me in mama sized twinkle toes, promise I haven't gone that far over the deep end just yet. ;)

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Carey said...

Love the chalkboard idea so I might be stealing it as well! :)

Love that beautiful girl of yours!