Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Yucky "S" word...

Miss Ava has another surgery scheduled. September 16th. It is to remove the skin around her old mic-key site, close up the "hole" inside and stitch her skin back up. They told us at the appt we had to address the fact that for over a month after her mic-key was removed all was well and it seemed closed and healed but then one day started oozing and is not getting better on it's own, in fact seems to be irritating the surrounding skin no matter how often we try to keep the area clean, that this is usually an outpatient go home on the same day kind of deal. But when the scheduling lady called today she told us they almost NEVER send the patient home same day. We figured as much anyways, but still, BUMMER!!

Prayers, vibes, chants, wishes, etc, send them on over! For this to go according to plan, but also for Miss Ava to be granted a little piece of mind and comfort over the anxiety she gets anytime she is hospitalized. Typically Ava gets over her fears after a couple of hours, but in the meantime it is heartbreaking to watch your little one crying and looking at your with looks of "Why?" Plus, in all honestly, this girl is going to miss what she lovingly refers to as her "second belly button". ;)

What an accomplishment though. To be eating and growing and doing so well all on her own. So proud of our Ava!


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Aww poor little miss Ava and mommy. Congrats on getting to this point! Sending prayers and well wishes your way. Hoping all goes great and her anxieties settle.