Monday, September 13, 2010

Children's Miracle Network/UC Davis Children's Hospital Kid's Day at the Capital Air Show!

This year, we were invited to watch the practice day for the California Capital Airshow. It was actually both kid's first time to see the show, so we were all pretty excited. They had a check in desk just outside the entrance where Ava and Greg were given goodie bags full of stuff like a poster of the Airshow, a sharpie(?) sunscreen, and a few other things that I can't recall. :P We also had a family photo taken and a free print given to us, super neat since I rarely get a photo with us all since I am the one taking the photos! So we found a table up close to the gates for a great view once the show began. Instantly people were bringing us food(a catered lunch by Chipotle, yum) and some really yummy strawberry lemonade curtesy of Red Robin.

The airshow began, both kids were glued to the sky. But once the louder planes came out, Ava was over it. Luckily a woman at a nearby table gave us an extra set of earplugs that had been passed out and we had somehow missed out on. Thank you lady at neighboring table. :) There was also face painting which Ava was excited about, she of course got a heart and some flowers on her cheek, really cute but didn't last very long. After the show, we stayed probably over an hour longer and toured as many planes as possible. The kids went in and got an upclose view on many of the aircrafts, Ava of course called the ones she liked most, "Ayas airpane" and wasn't too pleased when we nixed her thought of flying them herself. ;)

The face paint, hard to see.

Why not dance?


All in all, it was a super great day and we are very thankful to UCD and the Children's Miracle Network for putting it all together!

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