Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Worries

A week from today we have to take our little miss in for surgery. I realize the surgery itself is such a minor thing, especially in the "World of CHD's" but the bottom line is, it's still surgery on my precious daughter. It is still anesthesia on a heart child. It is still yet another hospital visit full of fears and owies and strangers for a four year old who is more than old enough to be aware, but still not quite old enough to fully understand why.

The most frustrating part, for me, is that Ava is JUST starting to come back out of her shell, her anxiety in new situations and near panic attacks since the year of the 4 catheterizations has lessened dramatically. I am so worried that my happy loving trusting daughter is about to get jaded again. Four year olds just shouldn't have to deal with so much fear and anxiety. I think this is one of those drawbacks that isn't hugely talked about when you have a sick child. Because who wants to focus on something so "trivial" when your child is sick?

But it has to be done. And Miss Ava will feel so much better once it is done. So now that the fears are off my chest, it's time to focus on the positive. Ava is a strong, smart, brave little girl and is going to do amazing. This is such a milestone for her, as well. One we often times thought she may not ever reach. Not requiring a feeding tube, thriving, all on her own. It's time to celebrate Ava's accomplishments! ;)


Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

It is a MARVELOUS accomplishment! But that does not take away how hard a hospitalization is or how scary ANY surgery is. Ruby always comes back from the hospital extremely touch averse, and then there are the nightmares...poor kiddos. But you are right, she is strong and brave and her true self will emerge after this stay in the hospital in time. I'll be thinking of her come next week.

Stefenie said...

Praying for Ava's upcoming surgery. It is hard to not be worried about any surgery these kiddos have to have. I was a completely wreck when Logan had tubes put in his ears. Feel for ya!