Monday, March 23, 2009

Heart Catheter

So the first official update to Ava's blog isn't brimming with fantastic news, I'll try harder for that in the next post. ;)

Ava is scheduled for another Heart Catheter at the UCDavis Cath Lab, which will be performed by her Cardiologist, Dr. Van Gundy. We report there at I believe 5:30am, and the Cath will start at roughly 8am. We don't really think this will result in an overnight stay, but will prepare for one just in case. During the Cath, Dr Van Gundy will be ballooning Ava's narrow left pulmonary artery, which she previously had ballooned about 2 years ago. That one was a fantastic success and I can only hope for more of the same this time around! :)

We go in for the pre-cath appt this Friday, where we will get instructions for what to do the night before, etc. If any further info is presented to us, I will update then! Otherwise I don't see another update happening until after the cath, if you want text updates that day, and I do not have your phone number, email it to me!

In the meantime, say a lil prayer, think a lil happy, heart healthy thought, for Miss Ava! Thanks!!


Carlla said...

Hi Jen! Got your link from HOH. My son, Aiden, also had his surgeries at UCSF! Glad to hear Ava is doing well! We will keep her in our prayers for her cath!

Valerie said...

Love this blog! my cell phone number is: 916-799-2508. It was wonderful meeting you yesterday!