Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guess What?!

In case you haven't heard yet, the Catheterization scheduled for Monday, July 20, was canceled. Ava has been sick for about a week now and had this terrible cough over the weekend. So we took her to the Dr. on Monday and she was found to have a double ear infection, yup, BOTH ears are infected, at the same time. She wasn't showing any outward symptoms of an ear infection prior. Silly girl. So we told her Cardiologist and he didn't want to touch her until she has a clean bill of health. Understandably. Him and I were definitely on the same page with this one, as usual.

So the gals at the office are working on a August 31 date. First case, on a Monday, just the way we like our UCD Cath Lab visits. ;) Let's just hope UCD doesn't decide to double book that time slot again...We are currently waiting to hear the official OK from UCD, and that can take up to a week sometimes. If there is a change in date, I will update on here.

Other than that, everything is going well. Ava is on amoxicillin and is feeling the side effects...I won't bother elaborating. ;) She's only now tugging on her ears. But other than that, she's fine. Her last day of school was Wednesday of this week, but she had to miss it due to her illness(still has a really bad sounding cough and a runny nose). When we called into the office to clear her absence, they informed us that Ava was going to be given an award that day, but that they will forward it on to her home school for the fall school session. Must. Make. It. To. Fall....This mama is SO ready for BACK TO SCHOOL!

Ava's latest and greatest:
* bigger appetite, seems to grow daily, WOOHOO!
* thumbs up, saying aww-emmm!(awesome!)
* two new molars
* the "disco roll" YES, it's a disco dance. Think John Travolta in Staying Alive...It's hilarious!
* new favorite word...NO. Go figure.
* mastering the somersault. GO AVA, GYM DIVA!
* fish status. Ava finally LOVES the water and pool!
* lots more sounds/words. Very exciting!

Hope this finds everyone happy, healthy and enjoying Summer!
Ava's Mommy


Auntie tiff said...

Goooooo Ava!!!!!!! Love u girlie!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad I read this and glad they are going to wait. You definitely do not want to go in there without her being 100%!
On a side note - there is no way I would have been ready on the 20th to come in and say hello. So...glad I have a bit more time because I want to be supportive of all of you heart moms/families as you were to me.
I will check in and see when the new date will be. In the meantime, I hope she gets well soon! She is just so darn cute, by the way!!!
Shelly Duarte

Gina and the Gang said...

Hi there. I knows your blog through Hearts of Hope. My son Casey is a UCD patient with Tricuspid Atresia. I'm sorry about the ear infections and cath cancellation, but I'm glad she "declared" herself as not ready to deal with the procedure yet. She looks so adorable, and I hope I get to meet her and her family in the near future!