Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Monday's Jelly Belly Factory Fun!

I can't really think of a better way to start the week. A mini trip out to the Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield with family and friends. In attendance were Uncle Joe(my brother), Auntie Brie(my bff), her two kiddos Lucas and Logan, Brie's sis Kacey, as well as Auntie Tiffany(my bff)and her super sweet and cute twinsies, Alexis and Aleasha.

We did the free tour, that place smells SO GOOD. They were making bubble gum Jelly Bellys that day, which I am typically not a fan of one bit, but my GOSH that smell, it was intoxicating. :) We all donned our super stylish white paper hats, learned and saw how Jelly Bellys were made, and heard more than we ever necessarily wanted to know about Ronald Reagan's Jelly Belly infatuation. :) It was fun, and informative.

After the tour we roamed the gift shop, bad idea. Who knew a family of four could easily spend almost $40 on Jelly Belly's in a matter of minutes. Okay, we actually didn't buy many Jelly Bellys themselves, as we OTHER yummy confectionery goodness. :)

Our plan was to eat at the Jelly Belly Cafe, but the choices are somewhat limited as was the seating, so we(minus Brie's clan, potty accidents will happen...)all decided on Chili's in Vacaville(NO, hubby didn't even let me stop at the outlets, pretty rude huh?! But in all reality it wouldn't of been much fun for the kiddos, and it was their day...I guess...), which was super yummy. Not a place we frequent often but it's very kid and budget-friendly, plus the quesadilla I ordered was insanely delicious! :)

Then once were home and utterly exhausted, brother came over, we ordered some pizza and the boys all played wii until about midnight. FUN day. Ava was in bed early, it was a super long and eventful day for her, she had fun but you could tell it took it's toll, poor mamas. But I do believe these kids who aren't all that used to sugar and went candy-bananas yesterday(how do you justify a trip to a candy factory and NOT?)have some serious cases of sugar hangovers! It was a fun day, here are some photos from the day...

Tiff and Ava, at the Factory in front of all the CHOCOLATEEEEE.

Us in the car, you can only see G because his head is huge. ;)

My buddy and me.

G donning his super cool hat.

Ava donning hers.

Uncle Joe laughing at Ava's pirate face. Arrgh!

Tiffers and her twinsies.

Most of the kiddos(sad we didn't get any of Brie's clan!)

Uncle Joe and Miss Ava, looking very happy about those hats,probably my favorite shot of the day! :)

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