Thursday, September 10, 2009

Haircut Honey!

So on Tuesday, after Ava's Cardio appt(which I will get into in another blog at a later date), we stopped by this kid's hair salon(Tangles, off Auburn Blvd, but moving soon to somewhere in Roseville) 1, because it was on the way home, 2, because Ava's auntie Brie takes her boys there and she's been satisfied with the quality, 3, because it was $10 Haircuts Tuesday, and lastly, because Ava had SPLIT ENDS and a wonky "Mama haircut". This was her first "pro" haircut, but it was definitely time to get something done with that mop up on top of her head, by someone who would actually know what they were doing with a pair of shears. :)

The actual place is cute, in a you probably have to be a BOY to fully appreciate this sorta way... But I liked that I didn't have to make an appointment, and hey, if the experience was terrible, we were only out $10. Ava was not so keen on the water that was sprayed on her hair, because some of it got on her face, and, well...she's a diva. But despite Ava taking turns mean mugging the stylist and whipping her head from left to right and back again, we somehow got about 4 inches cut, and it's definitely more even that I ever got it. :)

Plus, Ava was given one of her most favorite, but seldom allowed treats, CANDY in lollipop form. Mmm.

So, this is what we started out with...

And this was the final result...

A pretty darn cute cut! :)

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