Monday, September 14, 2009

Preschool, Take 2!

So because of Ava's cath being scheduled one week after school started, Miss Ava had a two week break and started school again today. This time, we were ready. ;) Ava has really been eager to get back to school, to class, to her teacher and her "friends." We arrived to class this morning, and Ava is playing, a bit apprehensive at first, but that's her, always. But she warms up a little and is drawing on the chalk table(whoever thought of making a chalkboard topped kids table is a freaking GENIUS!) and notices many other parents saying goodbye to their little ones, and leaving. I see the lip start to take form...We let her play a little bit more and then when we are pretty much the only parents left, we start to say our goodbyes. The lip is in full effect now, she is trying SO hard to not cry, and clings onto me for dear LIFE. Her teacher comes over and suggests picking Ava up while we say our goodbyes and leave, to see if that helps. Ava practically jumps into teacher's arms(mom suddenly = chopped liver) and they start talking about all the fun they are going to have today. So we tell her we will be back soon, and leave to smiles and waves. YAY! Upon our arrival teacher tells us Ava had a super great day and didn't cry or pout one single second after we left! Success! A few photos from the day...

My, how she has grown! I cannot wait to see what this next chapter in my little diva's life unfolds. :)

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Lauren said...

Hello Ava'a Mom!

I'm Lauren. I'm 22yrs. old with Tricuspid Atresia... I saw that you are now following my blog, thank you! Your daughter is adorable! I read alittle bit about her CHD Journey and she is one tough little girl. I'm so glad she is doing well now! Sounds like she is enjoying preschool! =D

I will be following Ava's Journey!
Sending you many **Heart Hugs**!

Btw, the poem "The Day I Became a Heart Mother..." on the right hand side of your blog was written by a heart mom named Stephanie Husted... she a little boy, named Braeden, with HLHS (Blog: Carepage: babyhusted)
Just thought I'd share... she is an amazing poem writer!

Sending prayers!
With LOTS of Hope, Love, and Faith,
Lauren (22yr. old w/Tricuspid Atresia aka HRHS)