Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Ava! Preschool-style

I am SO super blessed and lucky that I am able to do things such as spend the day in my daughter's class and be a very small part of her mini celebration with her classmates and teachers. Which is exactly what I did today!!! Ava knew she was going to be celebrating her birthday today in class and although she seemed a tad bit apprehensive(not all that unusual for Ava) she was also really really excited! Most of that excitement undoubtedly had to do with the sugary super cute cupcakes that were involved. :) She woke up this morning ready to go! She picked out her outfit(luckily she changed her mind from the VERY full pettiskirt to a more sensible, but equally cute, outfit ;), brushed her teeth, combed her hair and was ready to GO!

I had lots of fun sitting in on class today. Just to see Ava in school and interacting is a milestone I hold near and dear to my heart. She has come so far, and I don't see signs of her slowing down anytime quick! ;) Thanks to the fabulous teacher team Miss Ava has on her side, I have heard so many horror stories of IEP's and everything/one that goes with them. But you have all been so wonderful and I have seen the tremendous progress little miss has made this year, both socially, physically and speech-wise. Thank you! :)

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