Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Mommy's Day 2010

I guess first of all, HI. Total slacker with the blog again. I have been living in the cave that most of us crawl into right before one of our child's birthdays, knee deep in party planning. Luckily the colors are bright and everything is pretty. :)

I hope all my mommy friends had a fabulous Mother's Day with their lovies! I sure did! Hubby works the late shift, from 8pm-6am, so he surprised me with my favorite latte on his way home, as well as donuts for the kiddos so that I wouldn't have to cook...MMM. Oh wait, am I supposed to admit I happily allowed my children to eat donuts for breakfast? Oooh, and that I even had one myself?! And that it was really, really delicious?!

Moving on, so the kiddos and I hung out all morning, they both showed me what they made for me in class, both made me cry cause I'm absolutely, 100%, one of "those" mom's. G offered to make me toast(hey that's huge, I am pretty sure when I met GBo at his tender age of 21 he was burning water still), kept sneaking up and giving me hugs and asking if I was having a day as good as I deserved. SO SWEET. We played, etc, and then started packing up for our mini trip to the coast! Once hubby woke we were off! It took awhile to get there, guess a lot of people like to travel on Mother's Day, who knew, but it was SO worth it once we reached our destination! We went to a little beach I heard about from my brother Daren called McClures. BEAUTIFUL! The weather in town was a bit rainy and overcast, but on the beach it was nothing but blue skies and mid 60's temps. Perfecto! It was Ava's first time visiting the coast, and she was SOOO super excited the whole time. She's been to the lake before, things like that. So when we told her where we were going she was on the lookout for "wa-er(water)" the WHOLE ride down. Once she spotted it she literally shrieked so loud it hurt my head and got SUPER excited. There was a long trail down and from the place where we had to park you couldn't necessarily see the ocean all that well, at least the beachy part. So we started our trek down the path and once that beach came into view Ava again shrieked and started dancing, she even threw in a pirouette. ;)

The kids spent the day exploring, climbing, digging, running from the tide, and I loved every second of it! We finally made it home around 11pm and had some VERY sleepy, but very happy kiddos on our hands. Of course, the next morning was Monday and we all had to rise and shine to get ready for school, but the long day before was totally worth it!

Thank you husband for making my Mommy's Day fantastic and very memorable. Thank you Gregory and Ava for letting me be your Mommy, if everyone could be blessed with two kiddos like you two, I think the world would be a much happier & and fun place to live. :)

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Stefenie said...

Great pictures!! It looks like you had a great Mother's Day!