Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ava left her (unmended) heart in San Francisco

This is a super late post, I am trying to play catchup with the blog though so bear with me. ;)

A few weeks ago Greg's brother Jeff visited us from Washington, along with his beautiful girlfriend, Suzy. We had a fun few days of activities. Including a Rivercat's game as well as a day trip to SF. Which is the city little Miss Ava was calling home the first few weeks of her life. The place where she underwent that amazing first, and second, repair on her itty bitty tiny little heart which allowed her to be here with us today in all her ballet-obsessed, MO! screamin', "pince chamin" dreamin,clothing-aversion sassy glory! ;)

We started the day at the wharf, of course. The kiddos loved watching the sea lions and the boys had fun in the sports shop. Then we headed over to the California Academy of Sciences and Aquarium. LOVED it. Though we missed the planetarium showings(just another reason to visit again, though ;), the rain forest area was AMAZING. All the exhibits were great, actually. Totally recommend it to my CA locals. :)

After a few hours in the museum we all went over to the Golden Gate, parked on one side and walked the bridge. SUPER pretty views but holy moly it was windy and FREEZING. Need to dress better for that one next time for sure. A lightweight cardigan was so not cutting it. :/

Very fun day though and it definitely beats looking out at the Golden Gate(fog permitting) from Ava's favorite room in UCSF. Wind and all. :)

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Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

Sounds like a great day! Beautiful pics as usual :)