Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ava's cousin Torie visits from Ohio!

...and madness ensues! Not really, but Miss Ava and Greg sure have LOVED having their cousin around the last few days! :) The days leading up to Tories arrival all I heard from G was "When does Torie get here mom? How many days are we hanging out with Torie, mom? What kind of music does Torie like, mom? Do you think Torie will want to come over and go swimming with us, mom? Is she going on a plane all by herself mom? When do I get to do that, mom?(never)" Etc, etc etc. You get the idea. They were both just a tad excited.

So we took the cousins bowling at Crestview(which was totally dead, btw. Maybe people think it already closed?). I think Ava won the first game, and G won the second(I have to add that Miss Ava got a STRIKE in that second game, though! ). Torie shouldn't feel bad tho, my kids are notorious and ruthless cheaters!!! ;) So if there was a way, they found it.

Next up was the State Fair. We didn't get to take Ava last year because I don't think there was a single day that worked into our schedule that the temperature wasn't over 105. Insane. And miss heart diva doesn't tolerate that kind of heat well at all.

Anyways though, after we visited the dinosaur exhibit and ate nasty(delicious) fried junk and once the midway opened Torie and Greg took their lil wristbands and went on the big kiddo rides while hubby and I took Ava to the kid park area and to ride a pony. So cute. But I missed getting lots of photos of all the kids together. :(

We loved hanging out with Miss Torie though, hopefully we can get out to Ohio soon for a visit ourselves!

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