Sunday, February 6, 2011

Playing catch up - Ava's First Recital

You know those instant images that flood your brain when you get the news you are having a little girl?! One of those, for me at least, was attending my daughter's first recital. Ava first started showing a desire for dance, and specifically ballet, after she watched an episode of Max and Ruby. Ruby, the older sister, receives a ballet bar for her birthday and practices some moves with her friends. Ava. Fell. In. LOVE. Next came Angelina Ballerina. The girl officially became obsessed. So much that I started looking into classes. We were originally going to enroll Ava at a place in Folsom, but LUCKILY right before enrolling I found out about an awesome and new place much closer to home, right down the street, really. They let us attend a few classes free, to see if the instructor and time was a good fit for Ava. It was. ;)

The first few classes, Ava was very apprehensive and anxious. We had to sit in class with her, but by the end of the class she was joining in with the other girls and learning all sorts of new moves and terminology. It was love at first position. ;)

So fast forward a few months and Miss Ava is getting ready for her first recital! The costume is fitted and purchased. Tickets are sold, flowers are purchased, family and friends are ready to attend, my camcorder and camera are charged and ready to go and Miss Ava has been practicing her routine like crazy, anytime, anywhere!

My little CHD miracle girl ROCKED it!! She totally overcame her fears of new situations/too much attention, went out on that stage, danced her little heart out and totally enjoyed every single second of it.

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Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

This almost made me cry. Ava gives me so much hope for Ruby. Way to go little girl!