Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 Winter Recital!

Ava had her second dance recital in December. The girls start practicing before Halloween, so this has been a much anticipated date. Last year was Ava's first year in dance, and her first recital, which was ballet. This year, the girls were to perform a tap routine. The costumes were absolutely adorable and reminded me of a colorful Shirley Temple style. Which matched the ordered hairstyle, ringlets! Yes, I get slightly excited myself this time of year. I adore watching the girls from their first run through of the routine and seeing how much they improve from week to week to the day of the recital! Plus, ordering the new dress, working on the hairstyle, ordering flowers, etc etc etc. It's just so fun! And something I am so thankful that Ava is able to do and truly enjoy!

Anyhow, she killed it. All three girls did. You could see their pure joy on stage, which is the best part! Part of what I adore about Fliptastic is how they keep it simple and about the kids. There isn't these huge larger than life productions and props that our kids are fighting to not get lost in. They do not require makeup(which many dance studios DO), no fake hair or any of that garbage, just some super talented kiddos out on stage having the time of their lives! I am so proud of them! Thank you to all of our family and friends who came to cheer Ava on, we filled a LOT of seats and Ava so enjoyed seeing her cheering team there to root her on. :) Can't wait until the next one!

Sissy and Brother 

Ava and her boyfriend, Logan :)
Ava acting coy after her performance. :)
Pro Pic -- The girls

Pro Pic -- Ava

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