Thursday, January 26, 2012

Catching up -- Halloween Class Party 2011

All year(literally) Ava goes back and forth on what she will be for Halloween. It starts the day after Halloween and continues to change just a week or two before Halloween. If she sees a commercial for a new toy, she wants to be that for Halloween, falls in love with a new song, she wants to be the singer for Halloween, finds a new animal to learn and obsess over, yeah, Halloween. It's hilarious and has been going on for the last three years now. It's even more fun considering Ava's pretty extensive dress up collection and how often she utilizes it. Which is to say, VERY OFTEN. You would think Halloween, a day of dressing up,  basically, would just not be a big deal to her. It's like any other day in her life, with the added bonus of candy, but she honestly doesn't make all that big of a deal about the candy. She just cracks me up!

So, this year Ava was able to dress up at school for Halloween. I am SO glad her school is one of the lasts who still allow Kindergartners to dress up and celebrate such a fun holiday for children. Almost every child in her class was dressed up, and if a child didn't have a costume, the teachers dug into the class dress up bins and provided one so no one would feel left out. LOVE that! I volunteered in her class that day so I could witness all the cuteness. :) All of the Kindergarten classes went on a parade to each classroom, where they were introduced and walked through the classes, SO CUTE. And it just so happened to be Ava's brother's first day at this school(we made the decision to move him back to elementary school, he was at a middle school but is in 6th grade) so she was really excited to get to his class, one of the last ones visited, and as she told us, give him a big hug! Well, we got to his class, and in typical Ava and brother form, she passed on the hug and instead opted for a (playful) punch, right in front of all his new classmates. Hah! Way to make a first impression for the poor kiddo, Ava! :)After the parade, there was a cute, interactive puppet show and story time for all the Kindergartners. Ava really enjoyed it. Then after the show, her class went back to their room and had a fun party. The teachers had activities for them, and of course cookies, cupcakes and juice. What Kindergarten class party is complete without these essentials?! ;)  Ava had a wonderful time and I enjoyed being able to attend and help out and of course capture a few moments.

After a fun class activity. This would be jello disguised as brains!

Ava's Handmade Placemat. Her own Etsy account is next. ;)

Parade Dance Time ;)


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