Friday, January 27, 2012

Make A Wish Celebration

Not actually sure if I updated that Ava's wish had been granted, but it was! Part of the process once the wish has been granted is Make A Wish provides a celebration party for 20 of our closest friends and family. Initially I  didn't realize there was a limit on the amount of people who could attend so me and my big mouth went and told everyone, sorry. Make a Wish takes care of and provides everything! They ask Ava what kind of food she would like at her party, her response of course was pizza and salad and sprite! There were little toys and activities for the kiddos, cute decorations, etc. It was wonderful.  Some lovely Make A Wish workers also gave Ava a (Make a Wish logo)backpack full of awesome gifts. There was a Make A Wish tee and cap for Ava, lots of coloring books, card games, crayons, etc for the plane ride. They are so thoughtful! Ava's Gamma Trish found the sweetest most perfect little Minnie Mouse pillow pet that Ava snuggled up with on the plane and has been using since. :) Later on, Greg and I were taken aside to go over the trip itinerary(exciting!), review the budget, discuss any questions we may  have, etc. Seeing the itinerary made everything so real. How much work this organization had put into Ava's wish, how all these people come together and make magic happen for SO MANY deserving kiddos and their families, I was completely overwhelmed with gratitude. It was such a rewarding day. To be a part of Ava's biggest wish in the entire world coming true, to see her full of happy and excited smiles, running around with her friends and having fun without a care in the world, and to be surrounded by family and friends. Good stuff.

Crazy kiddos :)
Party Girl

Ava with our awesome Wish Coordinators :)

She's sooo excited!

So, we had also contacted Icing Smiles and my original intention was for there to be a cake for each of the kiddos, a Harry Potter one for G, and a Cinderella themed one for Ava. That way they both had their own little special bit. But because of the time restraints we were only able to get Ava's cake request in. Which is okay, saves that special cake for G's birthday next month. :) Anyhow, a very special woman, Tessa, from The Frosted Cake Shop in Midtown Sacramento, offered to make this cake for Ava and she did such an incredible job!! I was blown away by how much detail she put into it and just how sweet she was through all  correspondence. She is so genuinely kind and really cared about what Ava wanted. Plus, aside from being the most gorgeous cake I have ever seen, it was just plain yummy! I would absolutely recommend her business to all local friends and family.

Dress inspired by Cinderella's Dress --love!
Ava had a blast being the center of attention surrounded by her friends and family. I am very thankful to those who attended and appreciated what a very special and once in a lifetime moment this was and will always be for Ava. Thank you for celebrating Ava's special wish with us, she will always have the treasured memories of those who shared those moments with her. :)

Almost everyone in attendance that day :)

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